How do I communicate with my customers on valid8me?

A guide as to how an onboarding company would communicate with a customer.

An onboarding company may wish to communicate with a customer for several reasons on valid8me such as to inform them a document has expired, to inform them that a document is unclear or to let them know that they need to submit another document for a particular product/service.

  • The query function on valid8me is a useful way of communicating these messages to a customer.
  • To use the query function, you first need to select the connections tab on the left then select the customer you wish to communicate with.

Screenshot 2021-07-12 124735

  • When viewing the connection between you and this customer, select the Query button on the top right.

    Screenshot 2021-05-31 115825


You will then be required to fill in information relating to the purpose of the query, the relevant connection case, and the product/service in question. You can also specify whether you want a document from an authorized representative.

  • After entering the relevant details, select Send and the query will be submitted.

    Screenshot 2021-06-01 163252