How do I create a risk case for a customer?

A step by step guide as to how an onboarding user can create a risk case for a client.

An onboarding user will want to create a risk case for a customer if they want to fill in a risk assessment form in order to evaluate their risk rating for a particular product/service.

  • To create a risk case, the onboarding user must navigate to the customer object you wish to create this risk assessment for and then expand the Risk Case section and select the ‘create’ button.

  • The onboarding user must select the product/service and the form template. The form template must have been created for a particular product/service for them to match.
  • The onboarding user can also assign the form to themselves or another user. They can assign the entire form or they can allocate certain pages if there is more than one.
  • Select ‘Start’ to create the risk case. The user can now complete the risk assessment.