How to add a local Authorised Representative to the valid8Me mobile app

This will be a guide detailing how a client can add a local Authorised Representative to their corporate profile on the valid8Me mobile app.

Reasons for adding a Local Authorised Representative: 

  • If you manage the KYC on behalf of your Authorised Reps.
  • If you have the Authorised Reps documents' to hand. 
  • If you are an Authorised Rep of this corporate company. 
  • If you are having an issue with duplicate or conflicting email addresses. 


To add a local Authorised Rep you will first need to login to your corporate profile on the valid8Me mobile app. From here you select Document at the bottom of your screen and then select the Upload option:

1 Auth Rep Home Screen          2 Auth Rep - Add Doc


Select Authorised Representative > New Reps > Fill out the relevant fields and select Confirm:

3 Auth Rep          4 Add Rep Details 


You will now be prompted to add the Authorised Reps' documents. Select whichever documents are applicable to you from the dropdown and select Upload: 

7 Choose doc         8 - Upload passport


Once the document has been uploaded you can now confirm that the details are correct:

9 verify data         10 View Docs


Once you have completed this process you will see your local Authorised Representatives listed here on the My Documents page. Select the Reps' name to view the documents that have been uploaded:

11 - Rep Added


If you receive a request for an Authorised Reps' documents then please follow this workflow.

The first step is to select the action on the home screen > Review the action and select Next:

12 Action          13 Accept Action


Select from the local Reps added by the Corporate and select Yes, I'm sure > Review the documents and select Consent:

14 Select Local Rep          15 Consent to Share

If you need any assistance with these steps you can email