How do I auto-fill a local vault with an online customers details?

A step by step guide as to how an onboarding user would auto fill a local vault with an online customers details.

If an onboarding user has connected with a customer and now wants to create a local vault for the customer, they can auto populate the local vault with some of the online customer details.

  • When you go to create an offline vault for an existing customer, their email address will be pre populated as shown below.

Screenshot 2021-06-08 113330

  • By clicking on the field containing the email address, a message will appear telling you whether this particular email address has been used for a local vault yet.
  • If the message says the email address hasn’t been used yet to create a local vault, the onboarding user will be able to auto fill the local vault with details from the online connection.

Screenshot 2021-06-08 114956