How to request a new document or a change to a current document?

You have the ability to utilise the query function in valid8Me to easily request a new document or make changes to an existing document.

After logging into your portal, navigate to the left-hand panel and select Vault Hub. Use the search field at the top of your screen to find your customer. Once the results are displayed, simply click on the customer's name to proceed.

This action will open a new window with the Connection Information. To proceed, simply click on the connection's icon or name.

To request a new document or make changes to an existing document, click on the "Query" option located at the bottom of the window.

Select the appropriate options from each dropdown menu and click on the Send button.

If you do not know the reference number for the connection case, you can find them on the right side of the window under Connection Case.


Note: This feature is available even if you are using a free account. If you would like to use this functionality for all your customers by connecting with them using valid8Me, please leave your details here and we will get straight back to you.