How do I set up email notifications?

valid8Me gives you the option to enable email notifications per user on your onboarding portal. This feature will allow you to keep track of all client notifications as they happen.


Tip: You can enable email notifications for all users on your valid8Me onboarding portal. Never miss a task, notification or reminder again.


You can receive Email Notifications on the following:

  • If you receive an inbound notification from a client
  • Reminder on an out-of-date document
  • Reminder on a document that is outside of the mandated issue date
  • Reminder on a risk case review date
  • If you have been assigned as a form owner
  • If you have been assigned to a page on a form


How do I set up Email Notifications? 

In this example, we are going to set up an Email Rule that will send an email notification when a user on your valid8Me onboarding portal receives an Inbound Notification from a client. 

Select Configuration on the left-hand panel > select Reminders, Events and Emails > select Emails from the top menu > select Create from the top right of your screen:



From here we need to create our Email Rule: 

Choose an Email Type from the dropdown (we are going to choose Inbound Notification for this example) > select which Users you want to receive the email notifications > once the users are ticked select Add Users > select Create:



Your email notifications are now active for you and your team. 


If you need any further assistance with this process please email our Support team at