How do I view a customers risk rating?

A step by step guide as to how an onboarding user can view a customers risk rating.

An onboarding company will want to view a customer risk rating to determine how risky it is to engage with them for the product/service in question.

The risk rating will have been determined by the risk assessment forms completed.

  • To view a particular risk rating, the onboarding user should select the Risk Case button when viewing the particular connection object and then selecting the risk case itself.
  • When viewing a risk case, the onboarding can view the overall risk rating given for the client. Risk rating can be viewed at a customer level and also at a product/service level.

This means that a customer can have a different risk rating for different risk assessment forms. If a customer has a low risk rating for a risk assessment form and has a high risk rating for a separate form, their overall customer risk rating will match the highest risk rating they were given for a form.