How do I add an authorized representative?

A step by step guide as to how a corporate customer would add an authorized representative to their account

A corporate firm may wish to add an authorized representative to their valid8me account.

An onboarding company may require documentation from an authorized representative of a corporate customer when making a connection so a corporate customer may look to add more authorized reps.

  • After logging in to the mobile app, select the profile icon at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
  • From here, you should select the ‘Authorized Representatives’ tab and a list of the current representatives in the firm should appear.


  • Select ‘Add’ here if you wish to add an authorized representative.
  • You will then be given the option to invite the new authorized representative to valid8me, via email so here you must enter their email address and then select ‘Add’.


  • The new potential authorized representative will then receive an email inviting them to become an authorized rep.