How do I add an authorised representative on the mobile app?

A step-by-step guide as to how a corporate customer would add an authorised representative to their account

Note: If you are using the Desktop Customer Portal, please click here for the correct tutorial. 

A corporate firm may wish to add an authorised representative to their valid8me account.

An onboarding company may require documentation from an authorised representative of a corporate customer when making a connection so that a corporate customer may look to add more authorised reps.

  • After logging in to the Mobile App, select the Profile Icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.


  • Select the Plus icon next to Authorised Representative to add another rep. 
  • You will then be given the option to invite the new authorised representative to valid8me, via email.
  • Enter their email address and then select Confirm.


  • The new potential authorised representative will then receive an email inviting them to become an authorized rep.

A corporate firm may want to add an authorised representative locally if they have the representative's information on file. Follow these steps to add an Authorised Representative Locally.

  • After logging into the mobile app, select the Documents icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • From here, select the Upload button and you will be given the option to Upload/Retrieve or Take a Photo.
  • Here, you can choose to upload a Business or Authorised Representative document. Choose the Authorised Representative option. 
  • You can upload documents to an existing Authorised Representative or create a new Representative. Fill out the form if creating a New Representative and click Confirm.


  • You will need to choose the type of document you are uploading i.e. Passport, Utility Bill, Payslip. 
  • Once chosen, upload or take a photo of the document and click the Upload button.
Note: If you are uploading a form of ID, there will be an ID verification step to ensure the ID is real and that is has not been tampered with. If you are adding a Bill, you will need to specify the date of the document. 


  • You can now view your Local Authorised Representative and their documents by navigating to Documents - Authorised Representatives (Local).

If you need any assistance with these steps you can email